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The Real List of the Best Business Podcasts for 2023

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Find an interesting business podcast. That was a goal I set for 2023. Now that it’s August, it was time to getting moving on this one.

Naturally, I’m inclined to pick up a book, surf research articles, or listen to audiobooks. Podcasts don't really make it into my routine. So, I did what anyone would do in my situation, I Googled “best business podcasts”. Honestly, I was not prepared for the search results. There were too many to choose from. Drat!

I put on my researcher hat and jumped into the rabbit hole, reading 15 lists in hopes of finding one or two podcasts that stood out. Choosing only articles published in 2023, I was astonished to discover that 125 different business podcasts made these lists. They focused on small business, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and ecommerce topics. I tallied them up and the results are in.

Ready to find out which business podcasts made the most lists?

Number 1

How I Built This with Guy Raz (the only podcast that made all 15 lists!)

Number 2

HBR IdeaCast (this Harvard Business Review podcast made 9 lists)

Number 3

The following podcasts made it on 7 lists:

Entrepreneurs on Fire Startup Stories - Mixergy The $100 MBA Show The Goal Digger Podcast The Mind Your Business Podcast

Number 4

The following podcasts showed up on 6 lists:

My First Million Planet Money The GaryVee Audio Experience The Tim Ferriss Show

Number 5

The BizChix (appeared on 5 lists)

The remaining 113 podcasts...

There were many podcasts that only made one or two lists for 2023, and I'm sure they offer some valuable information for the business industry. Perhaps, I'll attempt to listen to one episode of each of them...but, I think I'll put that on my 2024 goal list!



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