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It's nice to meet you... we're Jabble

We’re on a mission to help companies reach their full potential and become the most optimal version of themselves. Using our expert insight, we navigate brands through the customer journey and provide actionable strategies to solve business challenges.

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What does jabble mean?

When two currents meet, the waves create a ripple - or jabble - and their momentum gains strength. As a team, we’re the sum of all our experiences, and our strength shines the most when we collaborate on projects together.  

We believe that partnering with you will bring a positive force to your business that propels you to the next level.

Our mutual passion to help others was apparent when we became colleagues over 15 years ago, and our momentum finally led us to venture out on our own. 


We’ve operationalized start up companies, designed products for ecommerce, developed telehealth programs, shaped digital health platforms and interactive health tools, managed healthcare professionals, and created and executed marketing and business growth strategies.


We’re scrappy and budget-conscious so that every dollar you spend has a purpose. Our dedication to your success involves active listening, a hands-on relationship, and clear communication. 

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jennifer griffith jabble consulting

Jennifer Griffith, MS, RD, LD

I'm Jennifer, but most people call me Jen. My finest work involves background music + hot latte.


My career began as a registered dietitian at a local hospital where I developed my first health programs. Next up was the advanced lab testing world. This sector really opened my eyes to new labs and exciting biotechnology. It motivated me to venture further into operations and product development with the hopes of bringing health tools directly to the consumer. 


I have the most fun with my amazing family =

1 hubby + 3 kids + 3 dogs. We love taking adventures and exploring the outdoors. When not outside, you can find me with a book in hand (or possibly a switch controller trying to keep up with the kiddos)!

jabble consulting erin jerger headshot
erin jerger jabble consulting

Erin Jerger, RD, LD

Hi, I'm Erin. My best work is fueled by morning exercise + daily creative time and a motivating podcast squeezed somewhere in between.


My career path began as a registered dietitian counseling individuals and managing other dietitians. I then moved into sales and operations, where I focused on streamlining processes and found that I enjoyed strategic planning. Listening to my clients and helping them succeed is the most satisfying part of my job.


My favorite part of the day is family dinner time = 1 hubby + 2 kids + 1 guinea pig (not at the dinner table)! In my spare time, you'll find me somewhere on the water, at kids sporting events, volunteering, or traveling.  

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